La Hilda 

A showcase project in the mountains of the region around the Poas volcano. You could say an oasis of humanity and a true paradise for coffee.

The very special human story!

In about 150000 people from Nicaragua emigrate to Costa Rica every year to harvest coffee. About 2800 workers are employed on the farms of the Vargas family. About 600 of them work on the farm la Hilda. This farm covers 450ha, making it the second largest farm in Costa Rica and sixth in Central America.
By law, it is forbidden in Costa Rica for minors to be employed as workers on coffee plantations. Therefore, it is very important that the youngest members of the community are properly cared for, experience a good social fabric, and grow up in a functioning social environment. The reasons for the actions of the Vargas family, the owners of la Hilda, are manifold. My dear friend Marianno Vargas told us that they now put a lot of emphasis on a very good cooperation with the migrant workers. They are also very interested in welcoming back to the farm next year the workers they have already hired. So they created a system that suited both sides very well. A kind of school kindergarten for the little ones and a separate health center for the adults. Thus, the joy of working on the farm " la Hilda " has increased a lot among the families and also the joy of coming back is assured. Every year they therefore have enough helping hands and both sides are very satisfied. I also liked very much Marianno's philosophy and ideology in relation to this existing system. He is aware that it is a privilege to work and live in Costa Rica. Nicaragua does not have the same standard and life for the little ones there is very often connected with hardship and suffering. So they can use their time on the ground to share their own joy in life. He describes it as a kind of neighborhood help. Great this attitude, has impressed me very much and is certainly a reason to promote the coffee of la Hilda in particular!

La Hilda introduces herself:

The weakest in society are well taken care of at La Hilda in Costa Rica!

White splendor - but unfortunately only for a few hours!

Dried with love under the Costa Rican sun at la Hilda.

On the way after the harvest to the in-house storage facilities. La Hilda is one of the largest coffee producers in Central America and perfectly equipped. We will be happy to organize your visit to the farm.

A magnificent view over 300 hectares of coffee plantation.

The weakest in society are well taken care of at La Hilda Kindergarten & guardaria in Costa Rica!

Everyone starts small - just like us. From a common vision, we have made something big together, step by step. We are proud partners of La Hilda and are happy with every bag of coffee that we are allowed to export from this farm. In the picture, Peter himself lends a hand and helps energetically.

Marianno Vargas with a satisfied expression after a long day's work. He can be justifiably proud of his family and his farm.

A view over the slopes of the Poas Volcano. Just under 1300 meters above sea level and the best volcanic soil for aromatic coffee from La Hilda.

If you feel like it, you can also spend a few days at La Hilda!

Quality control under expert inspection to be seen in the background. In the foreground our two ladies Marion and Marcela.

Everyone starts small - just like us. From a common vision, we have made something big together, step by step. Even the small plants become big!

Drying in the Costa Rican sun is particularly good for the beans! A wonderfully aromatic, sun-ripened taste is the result!

Two who really know how to do it. Arnoldo is here with Marianno immersed in quality control. Arnoldo is our expert on the ground in Costa Rica and helps with all detailed questions. His expertise is invaluable to us as he has spent his entire life on all the farms in the country! 

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Marianno Vargas in front of his favorite place! The Guardaria for the children of the coffee workers. For 3 months the center of life for the little ones from Nicaragua.

With friendly support from Portland, the financial challenge is met. We are happy to help keep the social project thriving.

At the end of the day, the coffee is collected and the workers are paid per basket. Everyone decides for themselves how many hours they will spend picking.Everyone is insured and taken care of, for the entire harvest time.

Here our Peter tries himself as a worker on the farm. He has not solved the task so badly!