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Milagros Geisha

Unser Geisha hat ein Profil, das so einzigartig und schwer zu erklären ist das selbst unser Q Grader sprachlos war. Daher auch der klingende Name "Milagros" - Wunder. Das Ergebnis der gewissenhaften Arbeit einer ausgewählten Gruppe von wenigen Bauern in Huila. Das Ziel war ein blumiges Profil zu erreichen, voll von Noten von Jasmin, typisch für einen ausgezeichneten, reinen Gesha.

Unsere Q Grader waren schlichtweg hingerissen von dieser Qualität :)

Milagros Geisha

 This Geisha has a profile as unique and difficult to explain as miracles.. Hence name it is. Result of the work of a select group of producers located in different areas of the department of Huila, whose seeds have been identified and traced to have a floral profile, full of notes of jasmine, typical of an excellent and pure geisha.

This lot was produced by a group of producers located in different municipalities of Huila, namely, Pitalito, Palestina, Acevedo and Timaná

Geisha is a new variety for our producers who grow it looking for diversity on their farms and to have a more comprehensive portfolio both for the market and their customers.

The producers of this coffee have developed a protocol for the production of the Gesha, which after delivery shows great uniformity and consistency in the cup


Picking: special pickers are assigned for this lot, they need a lot of experience in order to guarantee the careful picking and quality.

Fermentation: it is done in tanks with free exposure to oxygen, it is ferment an average of 30 - 40 hours, homogenizing the fermentation batter very well for as many times as possible after this the coffee is washed traditionally.
Drying: the initial drying is done as quickly as possible, achieving the elimination of water, thus avoiding the appearance of fungi and over fermentations. For this a very thin layer of parchment is spread out, later it will be collected into thicker layers and left out for slower drying, but with constant movement. On average the drying time is between 14 - 20 days

Cupping Notes

Seidig - cremiger Körper. Sehr komplexe Säuren mit Noten von Pfirsich, tropischen Früchten, Passionsfrucht, grüner Apfel und  leichte Mandelnoten.

Cupping Notes

Silky - creamy body. Very complex acids with notes of peach, tropical fruit, passion fruit, green apple and light almond notes

Milagros Geisha washed




Acevedo, La Argentina, Pitalito, Timana


Meadow, Viewpoint, Breezes, Buena vista

Farmer / Produzent

4 Farms




Double fermentation washed


1850 - 1950 Meter



Cupping Score



20 bags a 35kg Dezember 21

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