Robusta from Angola

Our coffee comes from the provinces of Cuanza Sul and Bie in Angola. We work directly with farmers in Angola 
  For us as an importer company, it is very important that we can provide a good working environment for our people in Angola. Besides this we are helping the people in Angola to have a better life. Hopefully this aspect is also important for you and your clients.

Great Motivation

Our company works with 20 farmers in 7 provinces of Angola. Through direct trading, the line between the farmers and our company Coffee remains short. Contact is daily and thus quality and quantity of specialty coffee can be guaranteed. It also ensures that farmers receive a fair price for their harvest.

Zacarias & friends

As manager of several plantations, Zacarias is responsible for Robusta beans in the town of Quilenda, Quanca Sul province, where our Robusta is coming from! The beans are grown at least 700 meters there. The climate in the Quanza Sul province in combination with the altitude at which the trees grow gives a special taste that is characteristic of Angolan Robusta coffee.

Angola - Robusta




Cuanza Sul and Bie




Sun dried


700 - 800m



Cupping Score



Okt 23 / 60 bags a 60kg 

Cupping notes

Very chocolaty and creamy, with a walnuty ending. Also creamy and dense, with a low acidity!

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